(GC) Viewtiful Joe Revival

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Name : Viewtiful Joe Revival
Publisher : Capcom
Release : 18 December 2003
Genre : Action, Side scrolling
Case : very good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good (1x) but few tiny scratches
Other : N/A

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Part of the (in)famous “Capcom Five” for Gamecube, 5 titles developed by Capcom exclusively on Gamecube, one was canned (Dead Phoenix), 2 were ported on PS2 (Biohazard 4 and Viewtiful Joe) and only one remained exclusive, PN03.
The game is a fast paced side-scrolling beat’em up which uses cel-shading graphics in a 2,5D environment.
Joe has some super powers which allow, for example, to stop or fast-forward time, which can be used to both fighting enemies and solve puzzles.
This is an updated version released after 6 months which features an easier difficult level and it was published only in Japan.

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