(SWI) Y’s Origin Special Edition

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Name : Y’s Origin Special Edition
Publisher : 3goo
Release : 1 October 2020
Genre : RPG, Action
Multi-language : JP, UK, FR, IT, DE, SP

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Originally released on PC in 2006, it’s set 700 years before the event seen in Y’s I.
It’s an action RPG and features three characters, each one with his own fighting styles; all of them have a Boost Meter that slowly fills as the game progresses, once reached the maximum capacity the character can perform quicker and stronger attacks, while some conditions have been reached during the game boosted characters can utilize a special move that release a high destructive energy.
The Special Edition comes with a cardboard box, the original soundtrack on two CDs, a visual artbook and an original poster.
This version was released only in Japan.

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