(SWI) Wing of Darkness

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Name : Yuuyoku no Fraulein : Wing of Darkness
Publisher : Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Genre : Action, Mecha
Multi-language : JP (Audio) / UK, FR, IT, DE, SP (Subtitles)
Available from : 3 June 2021

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Fast-paced mecha action game published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment in 2021.
Earth is at war against Blankers, an hostile alien race. Thanks to some acquired technology from Blankers a new type of mecha has been developed but only some young women can use them.
The game alternates fast-paced action sections with fully voiced cutscenes where the two heroines, Klara Ernst and Erika Loerzer, act as the narrators.
The game is physically released only in Japan and has Japanese audio and subtitles in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

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