(SWI) The Survivalists

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Name : The Survivalists
Publisher : Team17
Release : 9 October 2020
Genre : Action, Survival
Multi-language : JP, UK, FR, IT, DE, SP, PT, RU
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An open world game developed by Team 17, a company active since the beginning of the 90’s and well known for their games published on Amiga.
Set in a remote island where the player arrives after a shipwreck, it’s a survival game with crafting elements; the player has to find food to avoid starving and slowly create a base camp and then start exploring the environment. The island is filled not only with animals, but also some inhabitants, some of them not very happy to see a new face. Monkeys can be tamed and then used to help the player in basic actions such as craft items of fight enemies.
Cooperative multiplayer is supported and up to 3 castaways can joined the party to survive and solve the mysteries hidden into the island.
The Survivalists was released only in Japan and North America and it’s multi language.

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