(SWI) Samurai Jack : Battle Through Time

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Name : Samurai Jack : Jikuu no Tatakai
Publisher : DMM Games
Release : 21 January 2021
Genre : Action, Adventure
Multi-language : JP, UK, FR, DE, SP, PT, RU
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Disc(s) : (1x)
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An action adventure game based on the fifth and last seasom of the animated series.
Jask is fighting with Aku and travels to past and future to stop him. The action is set through a linear path with some sidepaths where the player can find secrets and pickups; Jack can use different weapons, each one with its own strenghts, weakness and durability and can create powerful combos by mixing light and heavy attacks while a skill tree system allows the player to improve Jack’s combat abilities.
The game is multi-language and it was physically released only in Japan.

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