(SWI) Rolling Gunner + Overpower

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Name : Rolling Gunner + Over Power
Publisher : Mebius
Genre : Shoot’em up, Horizontal
Multi-language : JP, EN
Available from : 22 April 2021

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Originally released digital in 2019, Rolling Gunner was ported to arcade the following year and in 2021 finally is released retail.
It’s a horizontal shoot’em up, directed by Daisuke Koizumi (a former Cave member who worked at Death Smiles 2 and Dodonpachi) and it’s the classic Japanese bullet hell with 6 stages in total and 3 different ships available, each one with its own firing pattern and attributes; there are 4 different difficult levels to make the game accessible from newbies to hardcore players.
This retail release includes also the DLC “Over Power” and it’s available only in Japan.

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