(SWI) Psyvariar Delta

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Name : Psyvariar Delta
Publisher : Success
Release : 30 August 2018
Genre : Shoot’em up, Vertical
Multi-language : JP, UK, FR, IT, DE, SP

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One of the few cases of shoot’em up released first on console and then ported to arcades.
Psyvariar Delta was released to Switch (and PS4) in 2018 and two years later it has been ported to arcades.
The game is a vertical shoot’em up focused on “Buzz system” : by quickly reversing the direction of the ship, it will start spinning, increase movement speed and narrowing your firepower into a straight line. If the ship moves near to enemy fire the player will be rewarded by experience points that are used to level-up the ship’s firepower.
Psyvariar Delta was not physically released in Europe.

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