(SWI) Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection vol.1


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Name : Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection vol.1
Publisher : SNK
Genre : Action, Fighting
Multi-language : JP, UK
Available from : 26 August 2021

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Compilation of 10 games previously released on Neo Geo Pocket Color, the SNK handheld which was released in 1991 and discontinued in 2001.
Games are displayed with a surrounded frame, similar to Super Gameboy on Super Famicom and GB Player on Gamecube, and different colours on Neo Geo Pocket consoles can be selected; there are 3D models of boxes and cartridges with zoom option and digital manual.
The games included are :
– Dark Arms : Beast Buster 1999
– Fatal Fury First Contact
– King of Fighters R2
– Metal Slug 1st Mission
– Metal Slug 2nd Mission
– Neo Turf Masters
– Samurai Spirits 2
– SNK Gals Fighters
– SNK vs. Capcom
– The Last Blade Beyond Destiny

The physical edition is released only in Japan and contains English language.

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