(SWI) Kyogeki Quartet Fighters Limited Edition

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Name : Kyogeki Quartet Fighters Limited Edition
Publisher : B-Side Games
Release : 16 November 2020
Genre : Shoot’em up, Vertical
Multi-language : JP only
Condition : NEW

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Digitally released worldwide in 2018 on Nintendo eShop store, Kyogeki Quartet Fighters was published in Japan by B-Side Games in 2020.
The game is a vertical shoot’em up with the classic story of aliens invading the Earth but thanks to an alien artifacts the Earth Defense Corps can launch a desperate counterattack to the central core of the alien base.
Quartet Fighters has an old style graphics, similar to 8 bit systems but with an extended colour palette, and it’s focused on cooperative gameplay : up to 4 people can play together in order to destroy the alien base and connecting the ships together can produce different and more powerful attacks; playing solo allows the player to dock different ships to the main one and many ships are unlockable.
The package includes also a bonus game : Denshi Kantai Knack (a vertical shoot’em up previously released on mobile)

The Limited Edition is only sold on B-Side Game online shop (only 3.000 copies published) and includes :
– original cardboard sleeve case
– original audiotape shape sticker
– Denshi Kantai Knack box (Famicom style)
– Denshi Kantai Knack Switch cartrige holder
– Denshi Kantai Knack manual (Famicom style)
– original soundtrack CD composed by Takeaki Kunimoto (Star Soldier) and Tatsuya Uemura (former Toaplan member)

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