(SWI) Blade Strangers

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Name : Blade Strangers
Publisher : Pikii
Release : 30 August 2018
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Multi-language : JP only
Manual : NEW
Cartridge : NEW (1x)
Other : N/A

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Blade Stranger is a 2D fighting game featuring characters from six different series and it was released in 2018.
The gameplay is not based on combos like Capcom or SNK titles but more similar to Smash Bros, a combination of direction input and attack buttons; during the battle if the character fills the super meter up it will be possible to perform a powerful super attack.
Among the roster there are characters from : Cave Story, Umihara Kawase, Code of Princess, The Binding of Isaac, Azure Strike Gunvolt and Shovel Knight.
Blade Strangers comes with a full colour manual and physically was not released in Europe.

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