(SWI) Battle Princess Madelyn

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Name : Battle Princess Madelyn
Publisher : 3goo
Release : 20 December 2018
Genre : Action, Platform
Multi-language : JP, UK

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An action game with platform elements developed by Casual Bit Games and released in 2018.
The game takes (great) inspiration from Ghosts’n Goblins series, switching the hero from a man who can fight by just wearing pants to a girl that can fight in pijama.
The story is centered about Madelyn and his ghost dog, Frentzy, who was killed by an evil force in an attempt to stop it from kidnapping the royal family; Madelyn and Frentzy will go through different levels filled by skeletons, bats, giant spiders. The arcade mode is similar to Ghosts’n Goblins, there are different armors and weapons while the Story mode is more focused on exploring like the “Metroidvania” genre.
The game was physically released only in Japan and it’s multi-language.

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