(SWI) Aleste Collection

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Name : Aleste Collection
Publisher : M2
Release : 24 December 2020
Genre : Shoot’em up, Vertical
Multi-language : JP only

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M2, the company behind the shoot’em up releases for new systems in the last years, released a compilation based on Aleste in 2020.
There are 4 games includes, the first two episodes of the series released on both Master System and Game Gear, plus a brand new game, GG Aleste 3, developed by keeping in mind the limits of Game Gear hardware.
Among the features M2 added to this collection there is an “Arcade Challenge” mode similar to Ketsui and ESP.RADE., the player can customize and challenge each level and a rewind option allow to start again after a mistake.
Aleste Collection was exclusively released in Japan.

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