(SFC) The King of Dragons

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Name : The King of Dragons
Publisher : Capcom
Release : 4 March 1994
Genre : Fighting, Side scrolling
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

Among the end of 80’s and beginning of 90’s the side scrolling beat’em up were a popular genre among videogames and Capcom was one of the most prominent companies.
The King of Dragons is set in a medieval fantasy world and the player can choose among 5 different classes the character to use; there is a role-play like system that enhances the character skills and weapon and each characters excels in some particular features but lacks in some others.
There are 11 stages, the gameplay is very simple with just one button for attack and one for jump while some classes (the fighter, the cleric and the dwarf) can block opponent attacks.

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