(SFC) Super Donkey Kong 2

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Name : Super Donkey Kong 2
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 21 November 1995
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : cart plastic bag, operation card

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The sequel of the high acclaimed platform game from Rare was published in 1995.
The story takes place right after the first episode, Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by King Rool so it’s time for Diddy and his friend, Dixie, to rescue him.
The gameplay has not been changed, but the main characters have different skills : Diddy is more agile and faster while Dixie can jump higher and float due to her ponytail; as its predecessor, there are underwater stages or set inside a mine.
The game was acclaimed for the amazing graphics, better animations and a top notch gameplay.

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