(SFC) Soccer Kid

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Name : Soccer Kid
Publisher : Yanoman
Release : 28 December 1993
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Originally released for Amiga in Europe by Krisalis, Soccer Kid was ported to Super Famicom with some little modification.
The game is an action game with platform elements starring a guy who was going to attend to the football World Cup set in USA (in 1994), but some aliens has stolen the cup and the player has to retrieve it.
There are 5 different worlds that corresponding to a specific country, England, Italy, Russia, Japan and USA, for a total of 16 different stages while the character player can perform with his football various actions such as shots, bicycle kicks and headers.
The Super Famicom version has some difference from the original release, the sprite was changed to resemble the characters from “Moero! Top Striker”, an anime based on football (and clearly less popular than Captain Tsubasa).

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