(SFC) King of the Monsters

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Name : King of the Monsters
Publisher : Takara
Release : 31 July 1992
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : good
Other : N/A

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Fighting game from SNK, originally released for arcades in 1991, a year later was ported to Super Famicom and published by Takara.
The game is based on fighting between big monsters, called “Kaiju” in Japan (think about Godzilla), and while fighting these monsters can also destroying the surrounding city.
As usual for the time, the conversion to home systems was a downporting, there are 4 monsters available instead of the original 6 and the cities also were reduced from 6 to 4, Tokyo, Kyoto Okayama and Osaka; besides normal punches and kicks each monster has its own special attack, like throwing flames and shooting laser beams, and also there is the possibility to use wrestling moves and 3-count the opponent when it’s ehxausted.

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