(SFC) Hiryu no Ken S Hyper Version

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Name : Hiryu no Ken S : Hyper Version
Publisher : Culture Brain
Release : 11 December 1992
Genre : Action, Side scrolling
Case : good
Manual : good a light fold on the bottom right of first page
Cartridge : very good
Other : cart plastic bag, registration card

Side scrolling action game based on previous Famicom titles and released bu Culture Brain in 1992.
Ryuhi has to fight a demon called Dargon who wants to stole the secret scroll of Hiryu no Ken (Fist of the Flying Dragon). Ryuhi goes across many different levels fighting hordes of Tusk soldiers sent by Dargon, he can use a punch, a kick and a flying kick; defeating enemies will increase a KO gauge bar and when it’s filled he can execute a punch with a energy ball, similar to Ryu’s Hadouken from Street Fighter series, for a limited time.
Besides the Story mode there is a Animation Mode where bosses fights are made in a RPG style, Battle Mode where the player fights against bosses from the Story mode and Vs. Mode which doesn’t need explanation.
The Hyper Version was released 6 months after the original game with fixed animations, sprite collisions and more speed in combat.
Hiryu no Ken S Hyper Version was released only in Japan.

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