(SFC) Ganbare Goemon

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Name : Ganbare Goemon Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki
Publisher : Konami
Release : 19 July 1991
Genre : Action, Adventure
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : very good
Other : cart plastic bag, registration card, flyer

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The first game in the series appearing on Super Famicom, it was released in 1991 and the following year in North America (1994 in Europe), becoming the first game to have a western release.
Starring Goemon and his friend Ebisumaru and set in the old Japan, they are hired by Kurobei, a ninja cat, to save the princess Yuki.
The game is set in two separate sections : the first is centered on exploring the town, gather information, buy items, learn new moves and play minigames, then the action shifts through a platform section with a boss fight at the end of the stage.
Ganbare Goemon was highly acclaimed for the gameplay, the high inspired soundtrack and the good challenge.

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