(SFC) Ganbare Goemon 2

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Name : Ganbare Goemon 2 : Kiteretsu Shougun McGuinness
Publisher : Konami
Release : 22 December 1993
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : good some stains on the back
Other : N/A

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Goemon returns with the second episode on Super Famicom and this chapter sees the debut of the giant robot Impact and the clockwork ninja Sasuke as playable character.
The gameplay is similar to Super Mario World, there is an overworld map and levels are arranged in set (they can also replayed unlike the previous title) and inside them many secret areas can be discovered by accessing alternate routes.
The game features also some cameo from other Konami’s titles, Simon Belmont and Sparkster just to name two.
It was released only in Japan.

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