(SFC) F-Zero

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Name : F-Zero
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 21 November 1990
Genre : Racing, Futuristic
Case : good but some signs of wear on right side and a small dent on bottom frontside
Manual : good
Cartridge : very good
Other : cart plastic bag

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Released with Super Famicom launch in November 1990, F-Zero is a futuristic race which started a new genre in racing games.
There are 4 different pilots to choose, each one with their own hovercar; each car has a power meter that decreases each time it collides with the side of the track or mines or other vehicles, the bar can be replenished by passing over a pit areas, often located at the side of the finish line.
There are 3 different leagues, each one has 5 tracks and the difficulty level can be set from beginner to master.
F-Zero was the first game which showed the power of Mode 7, a graphical effect that allows a background to be rotated and scaled to simulate a 3D environment.

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