(SFC) Doraemon 3

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Name : Doraemon 3 Nobita to Toki no Hougyoku
Publisher : Epoch
Release : 16 December 1994
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : cart plastic bag

The third episode of Doramemon on Super Famicom was released in 1994.
This time Nobita, Doraemon and their friends have to travel back to the age of the dinosaurs after a fossil was destroyed by Nobita’s friend; they will have to face the Joker Group that wants to use the Jewel of Time to rule the world.
By picking up jewels to the stage it’s possible to buy some special weapons that will help Nobita and his friends during their quest.
This game was released only in Japan and it’s compatible with the Barcode Battler II.

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