(SAT) X-Men vs. Street Fighter RAM Pack

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Name : X-Men vs. Street Fighter RAM Pack
Publisher : Capcom
Release : 27 November 1997
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) no scratches
Other : cartridge plastic bag, 4Mb RAM cartridge

Originally released for arcades in 1996, X-Men vs. Street Fighter was ported to Saturn in 1997.
The first title in the “Marvel vs. Capcom” series changed the gameplay from single battles as seen in X-Men Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes to tag team battles : the player can choose 2 characters and switching them during playing, allowing team members to replenish their health; some features were took from previous titles, such as the Super Jump (jumps higher than normal) and Aerial Rave (the ability to perform combos while in the air).
X-Men vs. Street Fighter was the first title compatible with the 4Mb RAM cartridge.
Released only in Japan.

The RAM Pack is a special edition which includes the 4Mb RAM Cartridge and it’s mandatory for playing the game, it’s not compatible with the 1Mb RAM version.

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