(SAT) Street Fighter Zero 2


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Name : Street Fighter Zero 2
Publisher : Capcom
Release : 14 September 1996
Genre : Fighting, Versus
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The sequel of Street Fighter II prequel was released in 1996 starting from arcades and the covering the three major systems at that time (sorry N64, you were a newcomer) with Saturn version released among PlayStation and Super Famicom.
This new title introduced some new features such as the Custom Combo system and allows each characters to have two different Alpha counters instead that only one. Regarding the roster all previous 13 characters were confirmed, Vega, Gouki and Dan are immediately selectable, Dhalsim and Zangief were added with Gen (from the original Street Fighter) and Rolento (from Final Fight) while the only new comer was Sakura.
The Saturn port features Shin Gouki as hidden character, Evil Ryu, EX Dhalsim and EX Zangief from the Western arcade version and an exclusive Survival Mode.

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