(SAT) Samurai Spirits IV RAM Pack

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Name : Samurai Spirits Amakusa Kourin
Publisher : SNK
Release : 2 October 1997
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : good some small scratches on the cardboard box
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) no scratches
Other : registration card, 1Mb RAM cartridge

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Despite being the fourth entry in the series, chronogically the story is set between the first two episodes.
This version had many changes from the previous title, the aerial blocking was removed and the POW gauge can’t be charged by the player; a strike move was added by pressing C and D buttons and a “fatality” move for certain finishes similar to Mortal Kombat series.
The RAM Pack is a special edition which includes the 1Mb RAM Cartridge and it’s mandatory for playing the game, using a 4Mb produces some sprite glitches.
This game was released only in Japan.

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