(PSP) Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep

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Name : Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep
Publisher : Square-Enix
Release : 9 January 2010
Genre : Action, RPG
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good (1x)
Other : Square-Enix point card

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The 6th installment in the series is a prequel to the events seen in the original Kingdom Hearts, it was released in 2010.
The game centers on the journeys of 3 characters, Terra, Aqua and Ventus, to protect the worlds from creatures called Unversed.
The game introduced a new system that allows the player to customize a Command Deck with techniques and abilities, while unlike the previous entries, it doesn’t use Magic Points for casting magic and spells, but uses a system called Focus that allows the player to cast spells that differ with each character and technique.

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