(PSP) Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Name : Dissidia Final Fantasy
Publisher : Square-Enix
Release : 18 December 2008
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : good (1x) some light scratches
Other : Square-Enix point card

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Another spin-off from Final Fantasy series, this time focused on fighting.
Dissidia was released in 2008 on PSP, it’s a 3D fighting game in a 3D field map, this means characters can fly and go around the stage, in some way similar to Virtual On or Capcom’s Gundam VS games.
Of course being a Square-Enix game means some RPG elements must be included, all characters have the classic HP for energy bar and a so called BRV (Bravely Points) for offensive, which decreases after each attack and slowly recovers.
There is also a EX Gauge bar, once it’s filled by inflicting or taking damage, the character enters in EX Mode, its power will increase and new attacks will be available.

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