(PS4) Vasara Collection

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Name : Vasara Collection
Publisher : Chorus Worldwide
Release : 14 November 2019
Genre : Shot’em up, Vertical
Multi-language : JP only

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Vasara is a series of two vertical shoot’em up released for arcades between 2000 and 2001 in Japan. In 2019 Chorus Worldwide published a collection including both titles and adding a special and original version.
The original series is a vertical shoot’em up set in a feudal Japan but including modern technology. The gameplay is similar to other danmaku (japanese word for “bullet hell” games), every ship has a melee attack which can be unleashed by charging the basic fire button for a second, while picking up gems dropped by defeated enemies grants the player with the “Vasara” attack.
The third game included, Vasara Timeless, uses 3D polygons instead of 2D graphics, support for widescreen and cooperative mode up to four players and level are randomly generated.
Vasara Collection was physically released only for PS4 and only in Japan.

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