(PS2) Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary – Memory of Decade (First Print Limited)

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Name : Virtua Fighter 10th Anniversary – Memory of Decade
Publisher : Enterbrain
Release : 28 November 2003
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : NEW
Manual : NEW
Disc(s) : NEW (1x)
Other : plastic box, used dvd video, dvd registration card, artbook

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In 2003 SEGA released Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution to PS2 so for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series they made a special game which was sold initially with a limited box set.
The 10th Anniversary is based on the original Virtua Fighter graphics side, while gameplay side is based on Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution; characters and arena model, soundtrack, menu layout and 2D plane structure (characters cannot move in 8-way directions) are from the original Virtua Fighter while the character rosters, move lists, victory poses and frame rate is from VF4 Evolution.
The first print box set comes with : a special plastic package, the game with a different cover (Jacki Bryant instead of Akira Yuki), a “Virtua Fighter History” DVD video and a A4 size artbook.
This limited set (game, dvd, artbook) was released only in Japan.

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