(PS2) Berserk

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Name : Berserk Sennen Teikoku no Takahen
Publisher : Sammy
Release : 7 October 2004
Genre : Action, Fighting
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) just a single tiny scratch
Other : N/A

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The second game dedicated to Berserk arrived 5 years later the episode release on Dreamcast.
This time the story covers chapters from volumes 22 to 27 in which Guts is on a quest in Elfheim to rescue Casca.
Yuke, the team behind the first Dreamcast game, made a game more polished, graphically improved and with more polygon models; maps also are larger and motion capture was used to make animations more natural and the original anime series cast was used for dialogues.
Berserk Sennen Teikoku no Takahen” (original title) was released only in Japan.

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