(PS1) Ridge Racer Revolution

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Name : Ridge Racer Revolution
Publisher : Namco
Release : 3 December 1995
Genre : Racing, Arcade
Case : good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) no scratches
Other : spine-card, registration card

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The second title in the Ridge Racer series was released in 1995, exactly a year after the first one.
Despite being a sequel, it’s not a direct port from Ridge Racer 2 arcade but an expanded version : there is support for link cable so two people can link their PS1 and play together, the rear-view mirror was added (only when using the in-car view), it’s possible to select the time of day in which the race takes place and two hidden modes, Drift Contest (earn point by drifting) and Pretty Racer (cars are super deformed like a buggy), were also added.

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