(PS1) Kileak the Blood

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Name : Kileak the Blood
Publisher : Sony
Release : 27 January 1995
Genre : Action, FPS
Case : good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) no scratches
Other : spine-card

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Released less than 2 months after Playstation debut in Japan, Kileak the Blood is a first person shooter based on a South Pole observation base.
The player uses an armored assault suit and has to move through different floors each one connected by an elevator, some doors can be opened only with specific keys and some other by solving puzzles.
The armor suit uses energy to operate so it is necessary to find batteries through the floors to avoid power out; there is a HUD on the screen which shows everything the player needs, from the suit status to selected weapons, the map and the lock-on range bar.
Kileak the Blood is very similar to Deadalus for Saturn, not only in terms of visual and graphics but also gameplay, but they don’t have any connection.

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