(PCE) Twin Cobra

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Name : KyuuKyouku Tiger
Publisher : Taito
Release : 31 March 1989
Genre : Shoot’em up, Vertical
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : good
Other : hucard sleeve

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Toaplan’s 4th shoot’em up was released in 1987 and the PC Engine port was published by Taito in 1989.
It’s a vertical shoot’em up where the player controls an helicopter armed just with a standard shot and 3 bombs; through the game some additional weapons can be added by picking up the coloured icon (green, blue, red and yellow), while S icon increases the fire power and the B adds an extra bomb.
There are 10 stages and enemies vary from tanks to artillery an even battleships.
It was released only in Japan.

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