(PCE) Bomberman

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Name : Bomberman
Publisher : Hudson
Release : 7 December 1990
Genre : Action
Case : very good
Manual : good some stains on last page
Cartridge : very good
Other : hucard sleeve, registration card, flyer

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One of the most iconic series for PC Engine or probably the most famous one with PC Kid.
Bomberman was initially released in 1990 on Hudson/NEC system and it was immediately a success. The action takes place inside a maze filled with blocks, some of them can be destroyed by a bomb to clear path and the player must defeat all the enemies in the stage to let the hidden exit come out and proceed to the next level.
There are 8 worlds and each world is divided in 8 different stages, multiplayer is supported up to 5 players (via the Multitap) and it’s where the game shines.

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