(PCE) Bomberman 94

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Name : Bomberman 94
Publisher : Hudson
Release : 10 December 1993
Genre : Action
Case : good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : hucard sleeve

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The last title in the series released on PC Engine introduced many new features : first it’s not required to kill all the opponents to access to a new stage but the player must blast some triggers in order to deactivate a force field that holds a fragment of a sacred stone used on Planet Bomber to keep peace.
Another new feature was the introduction of kangaroos that can be ride, different coloured kangaroos have specific skills (kick bombs, jump and so on) and up to nine different characters can be selected, included Bombergirl and Punk Bomberman.
And of course it should not be necessary to point out that multiplayer mode is also available.
Bomberman 94 was released only in Japan.

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