(NGCD) Art of Fighting 2

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Name : Ryuuko no Ken 2
Publisher : SNK
Release : 9 September 1994
Genre : Fighting, Versus
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good (1x) few tiny scratches
Other : N/A

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The fighting game that impressed for the huge sprites and zooming mode returned in 1994.
This time a new gauge is introduced, Rage Gauge, and the story is set a year after the events seen in the previous title; it’s the only time in the series Yuri Sakazaki is a playable character and if the player meet specific requirements is possible to face Geese Howard as the final boss instead of Mr. Big. Bonus stages were also reworked and as in the first chapter they grant the player with specific bonuses if completed before the countdown runs off.
Art of Fighting 2 was well received, a step ahead from its predecessor in term of graphics, sound and gameplay.

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