(N64) Star Fox 64

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Name : Star Fox 64
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 27 April 1997
Genre : Action, Shooting
Case : good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : operation card

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If Star Fox showed what Super Famicom could have done with 3D polygons, Star Fox 64 showed the power of the Nintendo 64.
As its predecessor, Star Fox 64 is a rail shooter similar to games like Space Harrier : the player drives a vehicle through a straight path being able to move somewhere but the direction cannot be changed completely; during Boss fights however the action become fully 3D inside a limited arena.
During the game more different paths can be unlocked and a medal systems award the player with specified features such as Sound Test Mode or some vehicles which can be used in multiplayer mode (which supports up to 4 players).
Star Fox 64 was the first N64 game to support the Rumble Pack.

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