(MD) Whip Rush

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Name : Whip Rush : Wakusei Vorgegasu no Nazo
Publisher : SEGA
Release : 26 May 1990
Genre : Shoot’em up, Horizontal
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Horizontal shoot’em up developed by Vic Tokai and released in 1990.
The story is more or less the same of the majority of shooters, you have to defend the Earth from some alien invasor.
The game is focused on two distinctive features : the speed which can be set by A button that allows the ship to accelerate or slow down and the Power Claws, two pods that can be used to expand the fire range and in some case to protect the player’s ship in the same way the Force works in R-Type games.
Different weapons are available by shooting floating capsule, the more it’s shot the different weapon will be available, starting from laser then home missile and fireball in the end; the multi scrolling levels add challenge to the game and choosing the right weapon can make the difference.
Whip Rush was not released in Europe.

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