(MD) The New Zealand Story

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Name : The New Zealand Story
Publisher : Taito
Release : 3 March 1990
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : good the inner cover is a little wavy
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Released in 1988 in arcades, The New Zealand Story was ported to various system through the following years, including the Megadrive port released in 1990 directly published by Taito.
The story is very simple and common for the games released in the late 80s : the hero, in this case a kiwi called Tiki, has to rescue someone, in this case his friends, kidnapped by an evil character, in this case a blue leopard seal.
Tiki is armed by a bow with infinite arrows but other, and better, weapons can be found through the levels; Tiki also can ride various flying vehicles, in fact all stages are not linear but can be navigated in many directions.
The Megadrive version was based on the arcade prototype and keeps intact the feeling and the simple but engagin gameplay.
It was released only in Japan

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