(MD) Dynamite Headdy

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Name : Dynamite Headdy
Publisher : SEGA
Release : 5 August 1994
Genre : Action, Platform
Case : very good
Manual : good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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The world of puppets is in danger after King Dark Demon decided to transform all the puppets into his evil minions, so someone has to stop him and I’m sure you know who will do.
Headdy has a particular feature : he can throw his head in any direction, so he can use it to attack enemies but also to pull himself to other platform or grab hooks; during his journey he will find a large variety of power-ups not only for his head but also for restoring health or adding extra lives.
Acclaimed for its original design and creativity, use of colours and big sprites, Dynamite Headdy was another hit from Treasure and a must-have for every Megadrive collector.

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