(MD) Crack Down


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Name : Crack Down
Publisher : SEGA
Release : 20 December 1990
Genre : Action, Shooting
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Action game with top-down perspective originally released for arcades in 1989 by SEGA and consequently ported to Megadrive a year later.
Two agents infiltrate a base to stop a mad scientist called Mr.X and his plan to take the world; in each stage the player has to plant all the bombs and escape before the timer runs off and meanwhile being aware of the cyborgs sent by Mr.X to stop them.
The screen is splitted in 3 different parts, on the top the score and what kind of ammos every characters has and the map with red dots showing where the bombs have to be planted; the action is showed in the left part of the bottom screen while the right shows what kind of enemies are around the stage.
Crack Down is completely in English.

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