(SAT) Layer Section

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Name : Layer Section
Publisher : Taito
Release : 14 September 1995
Genre : Shoot’em up, Vertical
Case : good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : good (1x) but some light scratches
Other : N/A

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The arcade version is called “RayForce” but due to copyright problems when it was ported to the Saturn the name was changed to Layer Section.
Vertical shoot’em up with two weapons system : the main one is the laser, upgradable by grabbing the power-ups while playing, the secondary is a lock-on laser launcher which is used to target enemies from “layers” not reachable by the primary weapon.
The Saturn port is very good, basically same as the original arcade version and despite it was criticized at the time of its release, now it’s often mentioned among shooters on Saturn, especially for the price still cheap compared to many of other games in the genre.

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