(SAT) Gungriffon II

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Name : Gungriffon II
Publisher : ESP Software
Release : 23 April 1998
Genre : Simulation, Mech
Case : good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : very good (1x) no scratches
Other : spine-card, registration card

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The sequel to the acclaimed mech simulator from Game Arts released in Japan in 1998.
Not so much changed since the first episode, the 5 superpowers are still fighting each others and your actions will change the course of the war (in better for your side, it’s supposed).
Graphically there were not so much improvements as we should expected from a sequel but the gameplay is still solid with two minor features that change in better the whole experience if you can try : Gungriffon II supports the link cable which enables two player not to fight each other as normally we could expect, but one controls the movement and the other the weapons, so it’s a cooperative sorta gameplay; the second feature is the compatibility with the Twin Stick, which gives a deeper feeling to the simulation factor.
Gungriffon II was only released in Japan.

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