(GG) Puyo Puyo

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Name : Puyo Puyo
Publisher : SEGA
Release : 19 March 1993
Genre : Puzzle
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Originally released for arcade by a collaboration between Compile and SEGA, Puyo Puyo was ported to Game Gear in 1993.
The objective is to stack jellies of same colour, after 4 of them are connected they will explode. If the player is able to make a chain reactions, jellies will be sent to the opponent (and viceversa, of course).
4 mode available : Classic (the player battles with different characters), Endless (a marathon similar to Tetris), Quest (complete 30 different tasks) and Versus.
Puyo Puyo for Game Gear was released only Japan.

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