(FC) Gegege no Kitaro: Youkai Daimakyou

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Name : Gegege no Kitaro: Youkai Daimakyou
Publisher : Bandai
Release : 17 April 1986
Genre : Platform
Case : good
Manual : good
Cartridge : good
Other : N/A

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Released in North America as “Ninja Kid” and as often happened back them, the difference was not only the name but also names, sprites and basically every reference to GeGeGe no Kitaro was removed.
The original japanese version has Kitaro as main character who has to fight against different “youkai” (ghosts in japanese traditional culture). The main mission is side scrolling gameplay, after that you will climb a tower and the scrolling will be vertical; at the top you will fight the youkai and, once defeated it, you will be rewarded by a scroll. Collect all the scrolls and the final fortress will be unlocked.

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