(GC) Pikmin

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Name : Pikmin
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 26 October 2001
Genre : Strategy, Real time
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good (1x) few tiny scratches
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A real-time strategy game produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and published on Gamecube in 2001.
The story turns around Captain Olimar, an alien pilot who has crashed on a mysterious planet; he has to find his ship missing parts and in order to do that he can be helped by Pikmin, small creatures of different colours, in his task.
The red Pikmin are stronger and can resist to fire, the yellow Pikmin can carry explosives, enemies and break down walls while the blue Pikmin are the only one to be able to survive in water.
The player has 30 days to find all the missing parts, each day lasts around 13 real minutes, and there are 3 different endings based on how many parts have been collected by the 30 day time limit.

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