(GC) Battle Stadium D.O.N.

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Name : Battle Stadium D.O.N.
Publisher : Bandai
Release : 20 July 2006
Genre : Fighting, Brawl
Case : good
Manual : good
Disc(s) : good (1x) some light scratches
Other : N/A

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A crossover between the most popular manga in Japan in the last 20 years, each letter from D.O.N. derives from them : Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto.
Gameplay side similar to Smash Bros, up to 4 characters fight in a dynamic arena (11 in total), there are 12 characters available and 8 to be unlocked.
The fighting system is a little different from other games, attacking as opponent will knock out some orbs that players have to collect; each player has a specific quantity of orbs and the player who collects the majority of them will enter in burst mode, this means more speed and attack power. To win the match a player has to collect all the orbs from other opponents or have the highest percentages when times run out.
This game was released only in Japan.

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