(GC) Animal Crossing (with Memory Card)

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Name : Doubutsu no Mori Plus
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 14 December 2001
Genre : Simulation
Case : very good
Manual : very good
Disc(s) : good (1x) few tiny scratches
Other : memory card, flyers

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An enhanced version of the Nintendo 64 title released 8 months before, it’s an open ended and social simulation game.
The player, the only human being in the game, has to interact with other characters, trading items, completing tasks and expand his house. The game features a real time environment with alternation of day and night, seasons and holidays by using the Gamecube internal clock : some events are held just in particular hours or by regular schedules.
Connecting a Gameboy Advance through the Link Cable will unlock an original island.
The game comes with a memory card 59.

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