(GBA) Mario Tennis Advance

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Name : Mario Tennis Advance
Publisher : Nintendo
Release : 13 September 2005
Genre : Sport, Tennis
Case : good
Manual : very good
Cartridge : very good
Other : N/A

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Known as “Mario Tennis Power Tour” in North America and “Mario Power Tennis” in Europe, it’s a direct sequel of Mario Tennis GB, previously released on Gameboy Color.
The gameplay has not changed since the previous title, the player can choose a male or female character, the predominant hand and start playing matches in order to go to the Mushroom Kingdom for the final Peach Tournament.
As in the previous title and the home version (Mario Tennis GC) there are two different special shot, offensive and defensive. The former is a special attack and cause the opponent to be knocked down and feel dazed; the defensive shot is used to negate the secondary effect of the Offensive Power Shot and let the player to reach balls which normally would not be possible.
Mario Tennis Advance was well received and praised for the levelling system and the use of Offensive and Defensive Power Shots.

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