(FC) Hokuto no Ken 2


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Name : Hokuto no Ken 2
Publisher : Toei Animation
Release : 17 April 1987
Genre : Fighting, Side scrolling
Case : good a corner on the back has a slight tear
Manual : good
Cartridge : good
Other : N/A

Side scrolling action game developed by Shouei and published by Toei Animation in 1987.
Released just before the second season was aired on TV, it’s based on the first part of the story following Kenshiro trying to re-estabilish the order after the defeat of Raoh and then the fight against General Falco.
Kenshiro can obtain new abilities by picking up some star shaped special power ups and when he reaches the maximum power level, he rips his shirt and vest open, increasing his defenses.
Hokuto no Ken 2 was not released in Europe.

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